Selling Tips

Whilst not as critical as in residential sales, presentation is still important with commercial property. In particular the gardens should be tidy, the premises clean and free of rubbish and where possible a coat of paint to freshen the appearance. This will of course depend on the type of property, its age etc. An office may need more attention than an older style factory for example.

It is also important that all necessry documentation be prepared and available before a property is offered to the market. This ensures that any early offers can be put in writing immediately, rather than wait days for documents and the buyer cools off.



There is no good or bad time to sell Commercial property, save for the obvious Xmas/New Year holiday period.

In choosing a time to sell, consideration must be given to the advertising period and appropraite lead in time. When we are looking to list a property for sale, we always prepare a marketing schedule which details types of marketing, dates, costs and draft marketing material.


Method of Sale

Many factors must be considered prior to deciding on a marketing strategy and sale method. Economic circumstances, property attributes, advertising budget restraints, target market and other factors must all be assessed in choosing the best method.

As a general rule, we prefer private sale campaigns unless there are circumstances which suggest an Auction may create extra competition due to factors listed above.